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Question 203

What can you eat and not eat on a low carb diet?


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Diet Doctor Blog: LCHF for beginners

"very-low-carbohydrate diets ... less than 10% carbohydrate, 25% to 35% protein, and 55% to 65% fat" Volek, J. S. (2002). Weight-loss diets revisited, (video) 69(11).

Amusing video: LCHF is the shit


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Protein:Robyn Mackenzie,

Asparagus: Sedneva,
Bok Choy: Robyn Mackenzie,
Cabbage: Jovan Nikolic,
Spinach: Lev Kropotov,
Green Beans: Sally Scott,
Lettuce: Serg Grigorenko,
Mustard Greens: design56,

Lard: oysy,
Olive oil: ilker canikligil,
Cream: angelo gilardelli,
Almonds: Sergei Platonov,
Butter: Torbjorn Lagerwall,
Coconut oil: Kaja Twardy,

Soda: Scanrail,
Juice: Evgeny Karandaev,
Sliced Bread: Marcus Miranda,
Bread:Moskaliuk Sergii,
Sugar: Givaga,
Cereal: Elena Gladkova,
Pasta: Moskaliuk Sergii,
Baked goods: Olga Yastremska,
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