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The Fat Lady Slims provides education on low-carb and ketogenic diets - mostly in the form of flash-card-like questions which can be

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Some of the questions are basic ("Name some common foods very high in fat") and have been easy to write and reference - and some are more controversial ("Is eating a high fat diet bad for you?") and I have tried to provide as many references as possible to back up the answers.

There are currently around 200 questions in total - but it takes a long time to fact-check all the information and provide links to relevant studies, find or design appropriate images and get the wording just right (easy to understand but still technically correct).

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Fact corrections, suggestions for better wording, or links to more relevant papers are much appreciated - please use the contact page - or comment on Facebook - I may not be able to reply to everyone in person - but I will read them all.

Roz Beste
Canberra, Australia
June 2013

Level 1

Name some common foods that are very high in carbs Name some common foods that are very high in protein. Name some common foods that are very high in fat What are refined carbs? What's the difference between calories and kilojoules? What does chronic mean in the phrase 'chronic medical problem'? What is adipose tissue? Is sugar addictive? What is the difference between your arteries and your veins? Where are your kidneys and what do they do? What is the difference between lose and loose?



Level 2

Is eating a high fat diet bad for you? Can we eat a low carb and low fat diet? What can you eat and not eat on a low-carb diet? What is hypertension? Why is hypertension a problem? Can your diet effect your blood pressure? Which diet is better for you low carb or low fat? What is satiety? Which foods have the greatest effect on blood sugar and insulin levels? Where is your liver and what does it do?


Level 3

What are western diseases? What are macronutrients and micronutrients? How many calories per gram are there for each macronutrient? These chicken nuggets contain 10g protein, 10g carb, and 10g fat. What percentage of each macronutrient is there? What makes our insulin levels go up or down? What happens when our insulin levels are high? Does eating saturated fat (as in meat, butter, lard and eggs) increase your risk for a heart-attack? What is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)? What is BMI? What is the definition of being obese and overweight? If you are overweight, what medical problems are you more likely to suffer from?


Level 4

Has obesity only been a problem since TV and fast food became popular? Do low-calorie diets (eating less) help us lose weight? Is it dangerous to eat mostly meat and not many fruits and vegetables? What is Metabolic Syndrome? Why do you eat less on a low-carb diet? How do your blood sugars vary over a day? Do you get hungry on a low carb diet? Does eating fat make you fat? What makes us hungry? What is atherosclerosis?